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What’s Lifecake?

The private place for families

The private place for parents to share photos and videos with family. Keep close family from drifting apart. Record & relive childhood as a visual timeline and experience a new dimension of printing with an hdbook.


Lifecake was acquired by Canon and wanted to foster design, attract new users and show off the amazing work of its design and engineering teams. In 2015 we helped them to launch a new completely redesign of their iOS, Android and Website.


Here a global picture how Lifecake was before. A very talented team that put lots of effort to build it.


Our goal was to make consistent the hole entire product (iOS, Android and Web) by creating a brand-new and fresh design based on a previous research, personas, user feedback and improving the user experience. We did some user testing sessions to see our weak, what wasn’t working and what was clear for the users. The design team created a new design system, components and a brand guidelines, design documentation that helped the team to move fast.

Lifecake Web.png