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Canon Irista Video


Canon Irista - Relive any moment

Canon – Irista "Relive any moment" is the new advertising piece for Canon Europe and mobile application Irista that lets you share your photos taken with Canon cameras.The campaign focuses on the journey of a group of friends in Barcelona highlights the possibilities of the aplication to share between them the photos that perform on the trip.


Client: Canon Europe, Produced: Press Rec & Principal 2a Films, Actors: Jana Balcazar, Ana Cassian, Alex Segura, Armand. Direction: Anton Òdena, Ch.Martínez, Production: Miquel Romans, Director of Photography: Manuel Ruiz, Assitant Camera: Arnau Mata, Art Direction: Nuria Guardia, Edition & Postproduction: David Vilalta, Make Up: Eva Pique, Runner: Jordi Cortés.