Arcalaska - Digital Design & Product Studio
UX & UI Design Agency
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Want to create exceptional digital experiences?


Make it happen with beautiful design
and the latest technologies.


Ok. First of all, welcome.

We are Arcalaska and we help brands like yours to create digital products that are as engaging as they are functional.

Our expertise began in iOS, Android and web design, later growing to incorporate enterprise software and branding.

But our role isn’t only to create beautiful brands and interfaces.


We help our clients to build easy-to-use, functional and successful products. The success of your products, is our success metric.

Our clients come from many walks of life; online advertising, photography & print, cloud companies and small startups.

We’ve helped them to combine design, technology and strategy to create exceptional digital experiences that will achieve business goals and maximise results through highly customised solutions.



Making your product the best on the market; it’s our mission.

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Inspired by the Pyrenees mountains.

Our main team is based in Andorra, a country known for its mountains, extreme sports and culinary highlights. Our vision is to welcome more people to nature by designing a beautiful products followed of an excellent customer experience and brand values.


Could you benefit from brilliant design?

Great design is everywhere. And sometimes it’s genius is that it isn’t meant to be noticed. If you think design could benefit your business, get in contact with us today.




Brand Design, Logo Design, UX Design, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Digital Product Design, Website Design, Responsive Design, Mobile Design, Design Consultation, Design Research, Prototyping, Design Systems, Photography, Illustration